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Ok, I know that this probably won't make much sense to you all but I think this is hillarious. My name is Sarah. I grew up with and went to school with James, Kyle, Ryan and Kyle :) I guess I just still find it incredibly weird that they are "famous". I was just randomly searching lj and thought I would see if there were any fan sites. I cannot believe there are. I mean, I love their cd. They are definately talented. I remember when Kyle Mitchell and James were in jazz choir in middle school. I think it is so awesome. Do any of you know the band Falling Up? They all went to the same high school as us. They are awesome too. Yeah. This must be what family of celebs feel like. It is so totally bizzare. Ok, I am done :)
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im new to this live journal and im wondering if u can help me add some more friends to my list. ive been writing in this for awhile but not that many on my friends list.
i added u to my friends list. thanx again. luv u hope to hear from u soon.
I know the Falling Up boys ... only b/c they are in a band, but since I met them, we all have become close.

Its funny to hear people say stuff like that about them "I cant believe they are famous, I remember when they were in youth group and we called their band Falling Over". Those stories are great!
I was in middle school and high school with Jessy and Tom. He sat on my lap during drama. I have known both bands for a long time. When I was in 11th grade falling up was starting to play songs at our school. My friend Nadia died in a car wreck and that night we had a choir concert at school. I remember that they played a song called "And I walked with God" and said that hopefully that is what Nadia was doing. It was really special. I also had a thing for Tom. A huge thing. Tom = hot. I feel like a pervert saying that because he is younger than me :)
Wow, that is awesome. I think I know you by the way. Aren't you friends with Lindy?

Oh, and yes. I know Falling Up. I have their Crashings CD.

Good stuff...
yep, I am friends with Lindy. Do you know them from Albany or did you meet them somewhere else?