Steven Labrousse (bruiser2) wrote in kutless,
Steven Labrousse

Last night

Last night my youth group went to see Kutless in Portland, OR. It was awesome. Totally awesome.

Before the concert they announced that members of the bands wanted to meet with any youth leaders/pastors/consenting adults. I'm a youth leader at my church, so I got to meet a couple people. After they talked with us, they asked if we had any questions, and I (being the dork I am) asked the new bass player if he played a 5-string bass. He plays a 4-string. That was good news for me (I have a four-string bass, and every big group I've seen always uses a bloody 5-string).

Anyway, check out Kutless on their Sea of Faces tour. Thousand Foot Krutch, FM Static, and Falling Up are touring with them, and they all rock.
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